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The Truth About Man As an Emotional and Conative Functioning Being

One of the most deceptive teachings originating from the false doctrines of psychological theories, is that emotions are the primary reasons to describe human characteristics or behaviour. These theories have been indoctrinated into our belief system, creating a false understanding of human behaviour or functioning; meaning that we have been led to think that we can scientifically define or quantify human behaviour through individual’s emotions.

Research has proven and it is an undeniable fact, that emotions are secondary to the inner feelings. Therefore emotions are an expression through behaviour the combination of the cognitive, physical and conative function. In simple terms emotions are a by-product of the cause. Some people express their feeling very easily by the emotional behaviour, and others suppress these emotions to the extent that it becomes impossible to detect their true inner feelings or understandings through emotions.

We experience our existence in space-time as an existence of awareness. We are aware of who we think we are and how we live. I say we think we know, justified by the fact that we have been indoctrinated into believing that we have some fabricated mental disorders, while the truth and the reality is that you have nothing close to a mental disorder. It is simple a lie. Your behaviour will be different to millions of people around you but that is because you are uniquely different, one of a kind and irreplaceable. Therein is your value, you are priceless. Your emotional behaviour will be completely different to others within the same environment. So let the experts in this theory of emotional intelligence explain how they quantify emotional intelligence when each one is uniquely different.

How did they come to the conclusion anyone has a mental behavioural disease such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)? If any individual has little interest in a specific subject or activity, they will have a very short span of attention; consequently does that then mean that individual has a mental disorder? Of course not! It simply means that their interest lies in some other domain and that they have no or very little interest in the subject or domain in which they are functioning. If the individual is energetic and assertive and has no interest in the subject then they are labelled as ADHD.

However, we are aware of the fact that we can consciously think and reason (cognitive function). We also are aware of our ability to experience specific feelings (subjective function). Although these feelings are interrelated and interdependent on each other we can clearly distinguish the differences among them. In the same manner we experience the knowledge that through our behaviour we are headed in a certain direction (that by the choices or decisions we make ourselves, aims us in a direction, which allows us to pursue specific objectives) as a conscious element of choice expressed through our functioning. This pursuance or perseverance to succeed is known as “conative function”. This functional element is especially involved in the purposefulness of human functioning. The purposeful striving of man is sometimes described as will, will-power, perseverance, resistance et cetera. This constitutes human functioning being inseparably linked to the intellectual and emotional experiences of the individual.

We strive because we have a particular insight into some subject idea or because of our imagination we can create a picture or vision of what we hope to achieve and in which direction we are headed. Often we can use an expression or emotional stimulus that would motivate us to work that much harder in order to change this vision into a reality. While the conative function (as in the affective function) encompass this clear interaction among the various elements it is equally true that at the same time man experiences his drive toward the future (purposefulness) as a separate dimension of his functioning.

All deliberate actions can basically be described as having three consequent phases:

1. The Final Decision.

Before we can act in a determined fashion there must be a final decision. It is sometimes called a decision of the will to distinguish it or separate it from reasoning and motions, and involves deliberate decisions – decisions taken out of and with the voluntary will of the person.

2. The Formulation of an Objective/Goal

The decision results in the person formulating an objective or a goal to be attained in the future. This decision may also be defined as an intention. Here there must be a definite distinction between an objective and a goal. An objective in the present sense is the formulation of the general direction in which one wants to go. Goals are specific controllable actions or activities. In order to achieve the desired result there must be a fairly well-conceived plan of action.

3. The Determining Tendency

When the decision of your will has been taken and the objective has been formulated, it created an amount of tension or a certain tendency that motivate the person to take the proposed action.

Once the vision is clear and the choice made the conative functioning (willpower) has the ability to allow you to ignore both the physical, emotional and cognitive reasoning and continue persevering with the vision. This fact has been totally ignored when psychologists are always ready to take control of your life though falsely branding you with a false mental disorder. Notice that very little attention is given to the conative function during counseling.

The purpose of this exercise or article is not to prove psychological doctrine wrong but to encourage and build your understanding; by not guiding you toward specific knowledge or specific emotions, but rather simple resolve the matter as far as truth is concerned. I want to effectively help you to act out your dreams through the truth.

My sole objective is to inform you and give you understanding that you are completely different from anyone else, so please get a grip on the understanding of what your personal purpose in life is; without having to be deceived into believing that you are inferior in any way or have any falsely invented mental disorders. Make your behavioral intention or visions become as real and effective as possible. It is your life, your vision and your hope so always follow your dreams. Focus on establishing your own vision and destiny, without the negative impact of others opinion who simply perceive that they understand your true inner potential.

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